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We invite manufacturers of wooden and PVC joinery as well as individual customers, merchants and architects interested in making use of the various applications of stained glass in houses, churches and public buildings both existing and under construction.

We offer:

  • stained glass in 24 mm triple-glazed insulated units (where a stained glass panel is the internal glazing) for exterior installations - doors and windows;
  • single stained glass panels for interior use - doors and any other glazing;
  • backlit stained glass pictures to be hung on the ceiling or the wall;
  • stained glass made with the use of colour and colourless bevels for doors, windows and furniture;
  • stained glass partitions, artistic metalwork optional;
  • mirrors with stained glass components;
  • renovation and modernization of traditional stained glass, including the removal of lead came in favour of copper foil & tin soldering, and final placing in triple-glazed insulated units;
  • customer service at your home - installation of the stained glass you ordered;
  • specialized glazier services.

    We guarantee:
  • high quality service;
  • timely execution of orders;
  • that the triple-glazed insulated units will remain air-tight for at least 5 years;
  • VAT invoices and flexible pricing.

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